P2E Space-Themed DeathmatchesTravel far from Earth on our alien spaceship and become an arena winner. Noft Games invite you to a space voyage!
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DEEP SPACE. Trapped aboard a spaceship, Nofts battle
for life and crypto rewards. Let the Noft Games begin!
Mint NoftMint your alien NFT game character
BattleChoose your strategy to win the match in a space setting
Get RewardPlay and earn BNB coins + gain EXP to level up
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Noft is your character who fights others and earns you money.
They play the main role in a game. Each one is a collectible NFT.

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Yet, the best way to get the idea is to PLAY!
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We are open here to doing incredible things together! Noft Games seek art collaborations and all levels of partnerships with teams and individuals as passionate about what they're doing as we are.




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