By Viara on October 03
2 min read

Blitz Mode Remodeled

Noft Games is giving you another update on Battle Modes! 

We modified a bunch of things in our Free-for-all Blitz mode, including mechanics and user interface. Let’s break down the upgrades inside the Blitz!

Noft’s Goal for Blitz: Cause damage to opponent Nofts to take their Astron. Gather as much ASTR they can and get back to the Respawn before the timer ends and destroys the location.

New Game Mechanics

🌌 Respawn - where the Noft appears on the Map - is also its teleportation point back to the Ship

✨ Nofts that manage to get back to their Respawn get all the Astrons they win in the Battle

👉 Each Noft starts with a reserve of Astron - half of the ASTR amount paid for entry

⚔️ Astron supply is used to fire shots - each shot burns a certain amount of ASTR

🌠 Defeated Noft’s Astron is left on the Map and can be looted

⏱ The Battle is live for 60 seconds. When the countdown timer runs out, the Map gets destroyed and starts causing damage to surviving Nofts

👽 Surviving Nofts get all the Astron (they loot and win) as a trophy 

Restyled Interface 

👉 See the participants list before the match 

👉 Focus on one particular Noft for easy follow

👉 Change sound effect volume and zoom in or out the Map using the control buttons on the bottom right

👉 Adjust the playback speed while rewatching 

👉 See the detailed battle timeline

📺 Now you can also share the Battle and broadcast it!

Join our Discord family and let us know what you guys are most excited for in this update! 

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