By Noft Games on April 29
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How to mint NFT?

High school students make more money from NFTs than their parents do in the factory, and large corporations make NFTs part of their long-term policy. We hear words like drop, mint, new collection of NFTs all the time. Let's work with you to figure out what that means.

First of all, it's important for us to know what a mint is. Technically, an NFT mint is the creation of an NFT tied to the blockchain of some decentralized network. An NFT mint is charged a fee, the amount of which is determined by the algorithm of the decentralized network. NFTs are often bundled into collections, which is done with the help of smart contracts. NFT mint does not require knowledge of programming or a deep dive into smart contract technology.

Just go to one of the sites designed for NFT mint and click the mint button. In some cases you will have to pay only the network fee (gas), in other cases there is an additional service fee. Your NFT, you will get as a result of mint, will have its own unique parameters. You can store it in either a software or hardware wallet for digital assets. In many cases, the cost of the NFT mint includes the cost of the NFT itself. Thus, the buyer of the NFT pays for his acquisition and the commission (gas) for the NFT mint at once.

Features of NFT mint

Various art, game and charity projects use the NFT mint procedure more and more often. It is convenient both for NFTs creators and their users. The user receives NFTs on his own request, so he does not create unnecessary NFTs. Project founders don't need to create hundreds and thousands of NFTs, which will lie dormant. And there is no unnecessary load on the decentralized network. It is possible to program NFT mint in such a way that the user will get NFTs with a random set of characteristics.

The so-called generative art is worth mentioning separately. In this case NFT mint allows to get an image which is similar to the other images in the collection, but has its own unique characteristics. Large trading floors, such as OpenSea or Rarible, often charge a commission (gas) for NFT mint. This way, the artist does not have to pay a commission to put their work up for sale. These costs fall solely on the buyer of the NFT.


  • An NFT mint is a procedure for issuing an NFT tied to the blockchain of some decentralized network.
  • Thanks to smart contracts, NFTs can be aggregated into collections.
  • The purchase of any NFT denotes that an NFT mint will occur.

How to mint a Noft

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