By Noft Games on October 10
1 min read

Monthly Report, September 2022

NG tops on ChainLink, New In-game Cash, Marketplace & Game mode updates, and more.

Traditionally, we celebrate the beginning of a new month by recapping the past month’s events and achievements. 

Marketing Milestones

This month, we check-marked the following: 

✅ Closed a Massive Giveaway with Beacon Global and dropped 15 free NFTs 🥳

✅ Held our regular Like & Retweet contest 

✅ Trended on ChainPlay Top-10 among GameFi projects and ranked first on October 4

✅ Hit 5k followers on our Twitter (and already approaching 7k) 🎉

✅ Participated in ChainPlay Champion League along with other top gaming projects 

Product Updates 

1️⃣ We updated the in-game Marketplace 🛒

✔️ added a new set of filters 

✔️ introduced the secondary marketplace so everyone can sell their Noft Games NFTsand buy upgraded Nofts

⚔️ Level up your Noft, increase its price, and sell at a profit! 

2️⃣ Added in-game cash Astron (ASTR) with the potential to make it a tradable token 💸 🪙

3️⃣ Launched free-to-play Blitz Battles. Try it now, earn Astrons, and level up! 

4️⃣ Blitz Battles have pop-up instructions to guide you through the lore and gameplay

5️⃣ Enhanced battle mechanics and the user interface: now you can loot other players’ Astrons, stream battles, and share the results.  

And that’s not it. We keep working on new and cool. So stick with us!