By Tatiana on October 18
2 min read

New Noft Games Character! Jarvus. User Manual

Aye Captain, meet our dude Jarvus.

🤖 Every spacecraft is equipped with Jarvus. And now you get one too!

What is Jarvus?

Jarvus is a loyal assistant that lives on your spaceship. 


They help to protect Noft’s vessels from space junk flying around so it doesn’t get damaged. They can be sent anywhere to find and bring you valuable items for building the Gates. 

How It Can Be Helpful?

✔️  Send it to battles instead of Nofts to collect some Astron

✔️ Pay less Astron to send Jarvus to Blitz battles.

✔️ Enjoy special boosters to increase its combat ability.


⚙️ Maintenance: Jarvus does not require many resources to function. 

📝 Abilities: It is not super intelligent, nor can it be taught or trained to perform complex tasks.   Jarvus is no par to Noft soldiers and a little weaker than them.

🙂 Personality: Stil, Jarvus is your good friend that brightens up your play-to-earn crypto journey! 

What’s the difference between Nofts and Jarvus?

✔️ Jarvus is free and integrated into every spaceship - each Captain has their own assistant.

✔️ It is not part of Infosphere - not an NFT, so you can’t trade it. 

✔️ It costs less ASTR to send Jarvus to battles, but it can also loot you Astron from the battlefield.

Go check your Lobby to find this cutie! Try sending it to battles and test its abilities. 

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