By Noft Games on January 09
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Noft Games Annual Report 2022 | Results and Achievements 

Key Takeaways

It was a roller-coaster year, but the Noft Games team has always been there for you and never stopped building. Most importantly, we have proceeded from MVP to a product working full steam and kept fine-tuning our cool NFT game to make it even cooler!

Product Updates of the Year

Over the year, we completed almost every tiny step on our Roadmap. There wasn’t a single week without new releases! You’re welcome to check our detailed monthly reports in a dedicated section of the blog! 

 Let’s recap the major ones: 

✅  Redesigned game interface: built it around the Lobby personalized for each player;

✅  Introduced a complex Battle system with multiple on-chain and off-chain modes;

✅  Filled game broadcasts with locations and sounds;

✅  Introduced multi-currency purchases with BEP-20 tokens;

✅  Switched to instant minting instead of selling drops;

✅  Added login by email and password; 

✅  Adapted our P2E game for mobile gameplay;

✅  Introduced onboarding pop-ups to immerse users in in-game mechanics and features of our dApp;

✅ Added the Noft Games’ very own in-game currency Astron (ASTR);

✅ Revealed the complete Lore of the Noft Games Universe. What happened with Nofts and what are they fighting for? Find out here!

✅ Added more project-related tech data and game mechanics tutorials into our Gitbook

✅ Completed the full smart contracts Audit

Marketing Achievements 

Year in Numbers

🔺 Started the year with <1,000 followers on Twitter and 500 on Discord. Now we boast the Nofts Family of 12k!

☂️ Held one massive Airdrop and one big Giveaway

💰 7 minor Giveaways with cash and NFT prizes 

💸 23 Giveaways in partnership with fellow NFT projects 

💬 Three AMAs

📜 Listing on 3 NFT marketplaces: Treasureland, tofuNFT, element, and 6 NFT gaming aggregators  

🔥  Co-hosted 3 Gleam giveaways with ChainPlay, BeaconGlobal, and Crypto Tech DAO

📰 Got featured in 11 media publications

🔔 Launched a referral program to play with friends and earn more crypto

Blogging and NFT-ing

🎨 Collaborated with talented artists. Dropped Warrior-Cats, NinjaBeautiesV2, Queer Party collections, and a limited one inspired by Japanese mythology

🌐 Created Noft Games blogs on publish0x and Medium

📳 Started our website blog where you can get caught up on all the hottest crypto & NFT news, read details of all game releases and get a weekly dose of crypto-educational content. 

Awards and Events 

🚀 Noft Games were included in Top NFT Games lists of 2022: Top 10 Trending NFT Games, Biggest Gainers, Top 10 Battle-Royale Games By 24h Social Score, and others.

🏆 Participated in Chainplay Champion League.

🏆 Got to the Finals of the Blockchain Games Awards 2022 by Playtoearn.net.

🎃 Held a Halloween Cup and the First Open Tournament.

Together we celebrated the 13th birthday of Bitcoin & the first NFT day and witnessed highs and falls in the crypto market. Hope our space-themed NFT game helped you to make it through the year. Thank you for being with Noft Games in 2022! Let your 2023 be much brighter 🎄