By Noft Games on March 03
2 min read

What are Noft's abilities?

At Noft Games we continue to evolve, updating and expanding our functionality, adaptability an,d in-game features. The main area that we’re focused on developing and polishing right now is the innate ability of each Noft. Today we will shed light on how each ability affects a Noft’s behavior on the battlefield.

Each Noft has randomly generated distinctive innate characteristics that make them stand out and perform differently from each other. The genome responsible for differences in appearance is intertwined with ability indicators and therefore battlefield performance. Better the looks - better the shoots!

Each “talent” provides a unique combat indicator that is responsible for a certain value of the fighter’s characteristics, determining performance, strength, survivability, speed, etc.

The main talents and their corresponding indicators are as follows:

  • Power - determines damthe age dealt with each blow;
  • Agility - determines rotation speed, angle of detection (the width of the angle at which the Noft is aware of other Nofts), attack speed, and dodge chance (chance to avoid damage instead of taking a hit);
  • Vision - determines angthe le of detection size, viewing distance length a,nd critical damage chance;
  • Vitality - determines the level of damage reduction and overall health points;
  • Speed ​​- determines rotation speed, movement speed, attack speed, and dodge chance;
  • Luck - determines anthe gle of detection size, critical damage chance, dodge chance and damage reduction;
  • Growth rate - multiplier of the maximum growth rate of ability values ​​when the Noft reaches max level; 

Experience rate - multiplier of experience points earned in battle;

All indicators are interdependent and directly influence gameplay. That is why it is highly recommended to tailor your strategy to each Noft's strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind when choosing your game plan, that 2 different abilities may influence the same characteristic. For example - your Noft doesn’t have much vitaliy, but exceeds in speed and luck, therefore an offensive strategy could work better than hiding, judging by the high speed and dodge chance, heals may be acquired quickly when the Noft is let loose.

In the future, we will keep adding, updating and improving existing functionalities, which will greatly diversify the gameplay! We can’t wait to share all our innovations.

Feedback needed! As a Noft community member - you are a vital part of the game’s development. Please submit your suggestions and ideas for improving the project - we will be glad to get acquainted with them! Contact us on Discord and Twitter and other social networks. Let's make Noft Games better together!