By Noft Games on March 04
3 min read

What have we done in February?

The Noft Games team has come a long way, and there is still a lot to do, but we are ready to share what we managed to accomplish in February with you.  

Free-to-play and Paid matches:

  • Several free-to-play events will be held daily with a prize pool of 0.5BNB, which is approximately equal to $20;
  • The battle will not start until 4 players will join it; 
  • An icon is added with the text "No participants yet. Be the first one!", which appears if there are no participants in the duel yet;
  • Fixed bug when three participants are shown in Joined participants, and two in the list of Nofts; 
  • Fixed bug with a non-appearing Running label after the timer ends;
  • The Next to Go section now consists of two: Free-to-play and Paid. The Matches played remained in a general list;
  • Some changes are made to the design of the page and micro-buttons Played Battles / Next To Go are added to the right of the section names;
  • Free-to-play matches:

Opening: there are always 3 battles in the open state. The match starts at the set time, the transaction starts at the set time, but does not appear at the set time. 

Holding: if 4 players are not found by the end of the timer, all matches are postponed for an hour. The timer is reset, and a text message is added to the first one that it is postponed. 

Prize Distribution: the second and third place takes the quarter of the bank. The first place takes the remaining amount.

  • Paid matches:

Opening: there are always 3 battles in the open state. The match starts when the previous one is finished. There is no timer, there is a text message that the launch will occur if 4 players join. 

Holding: when recruiting 4 players. In the next update the 5 minutes buffer will be added after the fourth player joins. 

Distribution of prizes: splits between three prize-winning places.

Referral program:

  • A referral system is introduced, the purpose of which is to determine the amount spent by users who came from the single Referral-id.
  • The Noft Id is now removed from purchases.


  • The Roadmap is updated in Discord.

Battles Redesign:

  • Some bugs related to animation are fixed. 
  • A tooltip is added for the bot, a useful hint that you can click on.
  • Some elements of UX/UI design were updated
  • Link to Discord, Medium, Publicshocks added to Noft Games page
  • By clicking on the Noft card, you can go to the Noft’s link.
  • Graphical changes have been made to the icons of the Noft rank, the visual has been changed for the better. 
  • Edits are made when the match changes from the Opened to Played state.
  • A system for launching scheduled matches is implemented, now 1 match is launched per hour.
  • The contract for winners is changed, now there are 3 winners instead of 1. The distribution of prizes among the winners is as follows: 0.5 / 0.3 / 0.2 .
  • Free to play battles added. Now you can try to play by paying only a transaction and win fixed winnings there

We are making great efforts to create the most elaborate and exciting game that will delight users with high-quality content. 

We are always ready to listen to your ideas and suggestions because only together we can create the best NFT game!