By Tatiana on July 26
4 min read

What the Heckarooni is Your Lobby?

Hi Noftian! We’ve been really busy with user interface improvements lately to treat you with a better Noft Games experience. Huge interface changes come focused on personalization. What we’ve done is we created a private lobby for every player where they can follow the battles joined, access their Nofts and marketplace, and more - all in one place.

Now, let us guide you through all the fantastic updates!

Gamer Lobby 

Welcome on board! Here, in your private lobby, you see your Noft and the character card with its unique qualities and abilities. 

Learn more by clicking the DETAILS button under the character card

If you don’t have any Noft yet, you can easily mint it right here, in your lobby, or just rent one. 

Feel free to navigate the bottom menu bar to explore all the options. 

ℹ️ All your minted or rented Nofts will also be displayed here. 

Using the bar, you can smoothly switch over all the Nofts you have to see detailed information and select them for each battle. 

How to Buy a Noft 

Tap MINT on the menu bar or open MINT NOW on the side panel. 

ℹ️ Minting is where the magic happens. The moment the Noft is born to the blockchain, it gets a set of characteristics unique for each NFT. The uniqueness is determined by a bytecode each NFToken has. This bytecode is transformed into a 16-digit number using a special formula, and this number defines all the initial attributes of the newborn Noft. 

Learn more

✅ Buying your own Noft is way more beneficial as it allows for gaining experience points and upgrading your champion to win more, earn more, and explore new levels of our P2E space battle. 

🔜There will soon be an option to buy upgraded Nofts on the secondary marketplace that we’re going to be announcing over the coming months.  

✅ But you can always test the waters with rented Nofts first.

How to Rent a Noft 

 Renting a Noft is a perfect choice to start off with Gas Fee Only battles and experience the gameplay.

ℹ️Please note that the battles with larger prize pools are not available for rented Nofts.

To get you a free Noft, press RENT on the right bottom corner. Choose a Noft and tap RENT A NOFT

The rented Noft is displayed on the bottom bar and has a tag RENTon it. 

✅ You can use it for an unlimited number of battles within one browser session. 

❗️ Once you finish this session, either by closing the tab or quitting the game, the rented Noft will leave your lobby and lurk back to shadowy spaceship compartments. 

✅ Still, the battles you assigned it to before quitting will finish in due time. You can check the results on the BATTLES tab. 

How to Join the Battle

To join the match, click CHOOSE A BATTLEin the LOBBY. 

❗️The Noft currently selected will automatically bethe one participating.  

ℹ️ And this is the very major update: unlike before, you first select or rent the Noft, and only then choose the battle. 

Step-by-step guide: 


2️⃣ Select a match you want to join on the page that pops up 

3️⃣ Pick the strategy for this particular battle

4️⃣ Press GO and confirm the transaction on Metamask 

5️⃣ Now you’re all set! 


The shortcut sidebar has all the main tabs necessary for interaction with the game. 

🔜 Marketplace tab will be added soon. 

To open or hide a sliding menu, tap the hamburger icon on the top left corner.

This will open access to other tabs and pages within the lobby. You will find more insightful details on the game here. 

Battles Tab

Here you can see the list of all the battles you joined, divided into three categories:

1️⃣ ACTIVE BATTLES ➡ the ones you joined but that haven't been played yet

2️⃣ REPLAYS ➡ library of latest battles recorded

3️⃣ RESULTS ➡ all the played games and trophies earned 

That’s it for now. Thanks everybody for the continued support! We’re constantly listening to your feedback and finding ways to make your interaction with the Noft Games more enjoyable. There is going to be more, so bear with us!