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What Is Noft?

In-Game ItemNot Just JPEG, not only a crypto collectible: own an NFT and actually use it to play the game and have fun
Valuable AssetSell your Noft for profit: level up to increase your NFT's value and make money
Unique HoldingGet full ownership of a unique one-of-a-kind NFT legitimately issued by Noft Games

Gameplay In Numbers

1500NFTs Already Minted
RewardsBacked by P2E Mechanics
DailyIn game events
5 CurrenciesIn game events

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Owners Benefits

Progress FasterGrow your Noft battle by battle to boost its abilities and increase rewards
Manage ResourcesSave resources on renting, invest in owned Noft's progress instead
Unlock Special EventsJoin exclusive Events and Tournaments for Noft owners
Get Crypto RewardsPlay our blockchain game to earn money

CyberNofts Generation

StoryBadass Nofts, appreciated for their minimalistic but futuristic appearance. Created with a pinch of solar radiation and a good deal of space technologies. But what is their mission? To be investigated...

Safe Minting

100%Random & Unique
6Rarity Ranks
VerifiedSmart Contracts
BNB ChainStandard NFTs

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